Best kids clothing in Nairobi Kenya

Best kids clothing in Nairobi Kenya

Best kids clothing in Nairobi Kenya

Buying kids clothing is not an easy affair for parents. You have to be trendy with the market and it is not easy. There are so many fashionable clothes for girls and boys.

The boho queen

The boho is stylish and trendy for girls. They are really comfortable and unique. They are hairy and popular with girls.

This clothing will cost 1000 Kenya shilling

The Diva

We call it baby gorgeous. It looks so wonderful and stunning in around here. It camouflages with the Kenyan weather pattern. It emits some stunning beauty and above all you will love my dear. Mostly good during back to school seasons and weekend.

This will cost you not more than 1200 Kenya shilling.

Jumpsuit for your little lady

There are wonderful and classy for girls. There is so stunning and graceful clothes. Can come in set and when worn together will look stunning.

Get here it at 800 Kes.

Animal print

Top seller. Have you had of the baby shark t-shirt? Animal print is a popular trend so you better buy some for kid’s wardrobe. They add some graceful touch and comfort. Whether short and t-shirt, is really coursy and natural, bottoms go so well with top tees.

Get here for only 1500 kes.

Tiny spidey

Boys love super heroes and so kids love to look like Spiderman and they will go at anything but impersonate them. Composed sweatpants and jokers. Combine this with sneakers and your kid will be absolutely stunning. Grab an hoodie and it is wonderful, your kid will look amazing.

Buy here for 1800 kes

The classy gentleman

Your boy is a gentlemen who needs classy clothes.These little gentlemen are going to appreciate absolutely stunning classy briliant shirt and classy may be floral short and this will look absolutely stunning handsome.Do not forget a belt after all to accessorize the outfit.

Let us get the outfit here for only 2200 Kes.

Comfort kid clothes

It is winter kids your kids will need warmth and comfort you know.Steel keep your boys trendy baby.May be you choose a rabbit.Your little guy will need an classy graphic print jacket with a pair of sneeakers you know?

Try joggers that,I almost forgot.

Buy from here at around 2500 KES

The cool kid clothing wear

With boys especially, your will need to be classy and creative.Kids will need to be sporty ans still look cool at the same time.

T-shirt has amazing pedigree and best satisfaction,paired with jeans to help set the rules among the peers.

Get this trendy at 2800 Kes.

Class apart

You know what? Make your boy a fashion model.Set him a apart from peers.Your kid will be absolutely stunning.

Try sweatshirt with wonderful pants,Especially if stripped and stylish.Accentuate it with sneakers and he will look absolutely stunning.

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