Buy Cheap high heels shoes in Nairobi Kenya

Buy Cheap high heels shoes in Nairobi Kenya


The high heeled shoe for women isn’t quite a new aspect.The first instance recorded of a woman on high shoe was in the 16 th century, who at the time intended to make herself look taller on her wedding day. The idea picked up among many women and within no time the demand for the high heeled shoes took off.

Over the coming years the shoe makers would therefore modify the shoe line to suit different tastes and needs of their clients.Initially the shoes would cause many women to stumbleover..improvements were therefore necessary to make it safer to walk on and make it more comfortable to the leg.

The high heeled shoe demand in the modern times as high, with millions of units being sold majorly through the online retailers like amazon,,, Individual shoemaker companies also do sell the shoes through their dedicated websites. The shoes are also available in retail stores and shopping mallsin major towns in Kenya.

The shoe brand is famous among ladies from 15 to 35 years.Most Older women do prefer flat shoe instead.

That said Here are the commonest trends around:

Stilletos– Definitely the commonest and most famous high heeled shoe trend around. The stiletto is the type that has a long and thin heel  at the back of the shoe. Some are strapped with strings  to the leg while others are belted around the hound. These type is not suitable for walking on soft ground as the heel easily pierces into the ground making it difficult to walk.

Simpler version ofstilletos are commonly used by brides. They have a shorter heel and a wide base and are easy to walk on. They also have a nice floral pattern on them that match along with the wedding gown.

Peep toe pumps These Is a trend which allows the owner to seal off her feet. Only a small upper part of the feet is visible. While this may appeal to some ladies, it is definitely not famous a vast majority of ladies as they are  quite uncomfortable to wear, the feet do tend to become really hot too.

Peep toe pumps are usually 2 to inches in height and are typically low cut at the front.

Platform heels They are some of the most comfortable around. They have a wide sole at the base unlike the stilletos, the heel is of a regurlar shape and has same size as the sole itself. This trend is not famous and only a segment of ladies wear this, these are those that are confident in themselves and don’t mind looking somewhat odd.

Mules   These is another trend that is famous among many ladies. These are are prefabricated in way that the owner simply inserts her leg into the mule and is ready to go. There no need to tie it to the leg.These design is also cheap thus easily to acquire on many online and retail stores.

Fur heels  This type is widely famous among the ladies. They come in many different styles. Leather fur is incorporated into the design and comes in unicolor like black or mixed colors.

Clear heelsThis type is not very common. They are  a see through type of heeled shoe mainly made from clear plastic. Wearing these to a party or a function is definitely going to put you on the limelight. This trend rocks and even much better when paired with a dress of similar color.

Wedge sandals These type is as high as the regular stiletto but instead of having a sharp tall heel ,have a wedge shape instead, meaning there is no separation of the heel from the sole.Although this trend is not as among the top trends around in 2020,  it is definitely one to watch out for in the coming months, especially now that the makers are producing cooler designs.

Cone heels Just as the name suggests these type  has a heel similar to the shape of a corn, that is the base of the heel is thinnest at the base and becomes thicker as it rises to meet the sole of the shoe.The shape can be compared to that of ice cream cone. It also comes in a tone of colors to meet all your tastes. Be sure to check on them the next time you are shopping for heels.