Buy cheap lingerie in Nairobi Kenya

Buy cheap lingerie in Nairobi Kenya


Lingerie is a French word meaning “undergarment” fashionable category of women’s clothing. It includes undergarments, sleepwear and robes. Lingerie visually looks appealing and this explains why its demand keeps rising.

Lingerie usually exposes a larger percentage of the body, and women are opting into them as their go to day casual wear. Lingerie is lightweight and enables them express their bodies more freely. With a glance at major social media sites, it is clear that a vast majority of ladies wear it.

It is usually made from lightweight and smooth  fabrics like silk, lycra and lace. Lingerie isn’t quite a new thing though, the first instance of lingerie is dated to the 19th century whereby lady duff Gordon from Lucile came up with the first concept in an effort to free women from the more traditional restrictive wear. However, by then it was way baggy, and covered most parts of the body.

Over time the designs became smaller and smaller and more tight. In Kenya lingerie has been quite there for sometime. Ladies would shop the undergarments in the local retail stores and malls. However with the expansion in technology. The demand is higher than ever, ladies  can now easily purchase on online clothing stores. And have a huge selections to choose from.

Lingerie itself covers all outfits ranging from panties, bikinis, swimwear, sleepwear, bras and corsets. we will break down each outfit to see what options there are when looking to acquire some.

BIKINI This is a sexy type of an underwear that can be coupled up with a bra for that glamour look. Bikini is suitable for beach walks or swims or when at the regular swimming pools.It gives off that one fine look unlike the traditional granny panty which large and odd looking. Bikini come in various sizes and shapes and colors! Some more famous designs include the strapples bikini suitable for skimpy women, multi-string bikini suitable for women with flaunting shoulders, tankini which appeals to all body types, mikrokini which is suitable for inner wear and Trikini which best suits slim women.

The designs vary.  offers for a great selection. Be sure to check on them!

SWIMWEAR As the  name suggests, this type is used for swimming the waters. This can be worn by men and children alike. This fashion design utilizes materials that don’t absorb water like lycra and nylon. Clothing that soaks in water is not suitable as it can predispose one to health conditions like cold. That said, there are tons of designs available and getting one won’t be a big deal. Some of the more common designed include the Rudi Gerneich, Torrid,Venus, Montce, Acacia swimwear, La Blanca, BoHoo etc. Bikinis also do fall in this segment as they can be used for swimming.

CORSETS, A corset is type of clothing used to hold and train the torso often to produce the much desired slim waist. This can be done for aesthetic or medical purpose. They are typically made from satin, cotton and leather. For best results, exercise and regular exercise help produce the desired the result. Corsets have different categories which broken down below;

  Under-bust- they begin right under the breast and end at the beginning of the lap and are recommended for fist time wearers. Examples are bodice, clincher and long-line.

 Waist trainers- it is elastic and can be worn under the clothes. It may only produce minimal results though.

 Over-bust- They begin under the arm and end above the hip. These lift the breasts and reduce the waistline. Example is cupped and lingerie corsets.

Bustiers- It is similar to the under-busts but far less effective and cheaper.

SLEEPWARE These are the ones we put as we head to sleep. Traditionally though many people normally put on  a t-shirt and short pants for the men and a simple gown for the ladies when going to bed. However there are some more available designs that we can choose from. Some of the more common types are highlighted below;

 Bathrobes- Also known as a house coat, it is a loose clothing worn by both men and women for use in the shower. They can also be used as sleep wear. They are soft and often of a woolen feel. They come in different colors.

Flannel- They are made wholly from cotton and very lightweight, infact it one of the most favorite among many people. They come imprinted with different patterns mostly floral. They are also easy to wash and dries fast. Be sure to check on them to find the one that suits you best!

Chemises- It is an inner dress that hangs from the shoulders down to the knee. It was initially used to protect the outer cloth from oils and sweat But is currently a popular sleepwear attire. They are lightweight and easy to wash. They are worn by ladies and children alike. They come either as plain or with different pattern imprints. There is huge selection available on