Online clothing store in Nairobi Kenya

  • Online clothing store in Nairobi Kenya
  • Online clothing store in Nairobi Kenya
  • Online clothing store in Nairobi Kenya
  • Online clothing store in Nairobi Kenya
  • Online clothing store in Nairobi Kenya
  • Online clothing store in Nairobi Kenya

Online clothing store in Nairobi Kenya

Behold, a list of the best Online clothing stores in Nairobi Kenya

If you love shopping for new clothes but hate looking at your bank account balance after, I have news for you: There are so many websites out there with affordable — but still fashionable — styles that will save you money and leave you looking cute as hell. Here, 14 inexpensive retailers that will make shopping a win-win for you and your wallet.1Uniqlo


Uniqlo is THE place to go for low-priced basics like relaxed t-shirts, cardigans, and boyfriend jeans. The brand also keeps up-to-date by providing trendier options like breezy culottes, high-waisted, cut-off shorts, and striped maxi dresses, while the price point on any given item is rarely above $50.  

Uniqlo also offers maternity wear and has cool collabs with designers like Tomas Maier and J.W. Anderson, which can help elevate your wardrobe without breaking the bank. 2Old Navy


Old Navy has inclusive options without expensive price tags, including specific categories for tall, petite, and plus sizes, as well as maternity clothing. Its jeans, like these cropped flares, will become your new fave denim staple. The brand also has cute activewear, so you can cover all your bases at just one site. 3Missguided


Missguided is a great brand for those who have an edgier style but don’t like spending a ton – take this graphic tee and acid-washed denim skirt combination, for example. 

Although it mostly targets fashion risk-takers, the brand also has classic options for both curvy and straight sizes, like wrap dresses, bodysuits, and off-the-shoulder silhouettes. And, if you’re looking for pajamas, lingerie, or swimwear, Missguided has you covered there too. 4Boohoo


Boohoo has the perfect mix of clothes, whether you’re looking for a party outfit for a night with your girlfriends or a striped maxi skirt to wear on your next seaside vacation. You can snag yourself a $12 tropical skirt or a $16 fiery red bodycon dressand still have money left to add accessories to your cart.    

Boohoo also carries a diverse range of maternity, plus, petite, and tall styles that are super affordable. 5Pretty Little Thing


Pretty Little Thing has everything from sweet patterned wrap dresses like this one, to simple crop tops and OTT dresses with cutouts, but what’s even better than the range of styles is the ridiculously low prices. If you can’t resist a good deal, the site also includes sections with tops $7 and under and $8 dresses. 6Amazon


Amazon fashion is so underrated! The site has tons of trendy and affordable clothes, like this sweet floral midi dress with a keyhole cutout, for instance. And, if you have Amazon Prime, the free shipping will save you even more money that you could spend on — you guessed it — more clothes. 7Forever 21


Odds are you’ve heard of/have already shopped at Forever 21, but if you’re one of the few who haven’t, it’s filled with inexpensive styles, like gingham rompers, flowy maxis, and matching sets that would make great additions to any summer wardrobe. Your money will go a LONG way at this store because everything is so dang cheap, which makes it the perfect place to search for trendy bright colors, ’90s vibes, and streetstyle fashion. 8ASOS


If you’re in a pinch and need an outfit for a hot date/engagement party/music festival stat, but don’t want to spend your entire savings account, ASOS is the place to go. They have plenty of styles to choose from, whether you want a casual red minidress for just $24 or a fancy floral midi under $60. Plus, its two-day shipping feature is a lifesaver. 9H&M


This Swedish company is known for its insanely-low prices and trendy styles – it’s basically the clothing store version of IKEA. If you need something new to wear to work or to a fancy dinner party, you can easily find a variety of tops, like the polka-dot collared shirt here, for under $20. 10Target


Calling all Target lovers! In addition to its incredibly chic home decor (and literally everything else it has to offer), the store also has very cute clothes that you’ll want to wear ASAP. Take this red, embroidered off-the-shoulder top, for instance. Target’s clothing brands, like A New Day, Universal Thread, and Xhilaration offer trendy styles at a fraction of the price, and that just adds to the list of reasons why Target is actually the best. 11Lulu’s


While this site does offer some items at a higher price point, it also has affordable styles, like this $23 gingham crop top. If you sort the categories from the lowest to the highest price (who doesn’t do this, TBH?), there’s plenty of amazing steals including  $15 skater dresses and $19 tank tops you’ll want to wear with everything. 12Fashion Nova


A favorite brand of Cardi B and Kylie Jenner, Fashion Nova has the sexiest bodycon dresses for, like, $20. It’s also known for the amazing fit of its jeans, which are typically under $45. Fashion Nova has plus and straight size options too, and also features activewear, swim, and lingerie, all at the same low prices. 13Mango


Similar to Zara, Mango is a Spanish fast-fashion retailer with trendy, low-priced styles that puts a twist on staples in your wardrobe. Take this classic white t-shirt with pompom details at the sleeves, for example. The store has plaid dresses THAT ARE perfect for the office and tropical-printed shifts that would work well at the beach, but no matter what you buy, your wallet won’t regret it. 14Walmart


OK, so you might not associate Walmart with *super* fashionable clothes, but this embroidered off-the-shoulder dress might change your mind. The company introduced new apparel brands, like Time and Tru and Terra & Sky to up their style game with on-trend – and inexpensive – clothes. Who knows? Walmart might just become your new go-to st

Since it was founded in 1996, has become known as the go-to online retailer for almost anything, from books, toys, clothes and shoes to food, furniture and other household items. For a recurring fee, its Prime membership offers free two-day shipping on most purchases, as well as the ability to stream music, movies, and other media, as well as other perks. The Amazon website gets an average of about 1.87 billion visits per month.

Officially founded in 1998, is an ecommerce platform that allows people to buy and sell new and used items. The company’s recent Price Match Guaranteeensures that customers are getting the best prices available on most of the items available in its selection of eBay Deals. The eBay website gets an average of about 817.6 million visits per month.

Since the first Walmart store opened in 1962, the retail giant has been determined to offer low prices along with great service. The company took that sentiment online in 2000, when it rolled out in the U.S. These days, the Walmart website gets an average of about 339 million visits per month. was launched in 2005 with the goal of giving artists, craftspeople and makers of all kinds a platform to sell their creations online. Now, it’s one of the top destinations for people who want to shop for vintage wares, one-of-a-kind gifts, and handmade items. The Etsy website now gets an average of about 120.4 million visits per month.

Target has affectionately been referred to as “Tar-zhay” since the first brick-and-mortar department store opened in 1962, but the retailer didn’t have an internet presence until it launched in 1999. Since then, it has won awards for its mobile app and introduced Cartwheel, a mobile digital coupon app developed with Facebook. The Target website gets an average of about 117.4 million visits per month.

Part of The Alibaba Group, launched in 2009 to help small Chinese exporters, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs sell their goods internationally. Rather than identifying as an online store, the company sees itself as an online platform that connects sellers and consumers. The site offers a wide range of goods, from wholesale electronics to clothing and supplies for the home and garden. The AliExpress website gets an average of about 43.3 million visits per month.

The first Kohl’s Department Store opened in 1962, and has since grown to be a large retailer of fashion and home brands for families. launched in 2001, expanding the department store’s footprint even further. The Kohl’s website gets an average of about 40.4 million visits per month.

Wish was founded by a former Google software engineer in 2010, and has since made a fast and sizable expansion in the online shopping world. and its popular app feature a wide range of products coming directly from Chinese manufacturers at very low prices. You must sign up and log in to browse products, and in turn, you get a customized shopping experience. The Wish website gets an average of about 38.7 million visits per month.

Sears, an iconic retail company, has been around since the 1800s, when it started as a mail-order watch company. A lot has changed since then, including its growth and decline as a mail order company and department store, the launch of, and a merger with Kmart in 2005. The Sears website currently gets an average of about 26.1 million visits per month.

Kenya’s international start up gig Alex Kibet has launched an online clothing store today. The online store is a robust website which will sell luxury women, men and kid outfits. The store will majorly sell its premier brand David Nucci.The Kenyan startup will have only one shop in the Rosslyn Riviera as most of its sales will be done online and shipped to customer’s allover East Africa. On its online shop the website will sell the merchandize below.

Clothing store for men is the number one website for men apparels. If you love cool and casual styles and trends then try you will get what Nairobian street wear heart desires.Start now and  look at our fashion products.For certain it is the best online clothing website in Kenya. › GENERAL NEWS

Clothing store for women apparels in Kenya. Are you looking women shoes? You are right at have the best shoes for women  We do not only have shoes we have denim jeans,winter jackets,long sleeves and caps. Our designs are mind blowing and very affordable. We have huge number of brands.

You can now shop cheap at Ndoleta with our low price guarantee.

We offer low price.If you find a favorite apparel in another store that is cheaper than ours, you can come to us and we can sell to you at that price.

Ndoleta  is meant to exist as an antipode to commercial fashion, showcasing garments which are to be treated and viewed as unique pieces, all with a story of its own to tell. There is always more then what meets the eye at first sight. Instead of viewing fashion as only products, we invite to look beyond and to engage in the journey and the expression of every designer to be able to understand and appreciate their aesthetic and craftsmanship.
By choosing to stock designers who deliberately stays away from commercial mainstream, Ndoleta functions as a playground for individuals to find and develop their personal taste and preferences.
We are always searching for labels that work with our philosophy, this is where we have our focus. Today, we are stocking several different designers, whereof many from Scandinavia where we have our roots. 
Kenya is a booming with global fashion brands. Many world brands have launched their operations in Nairobi.The likes of LC Waikiki,Gucci,Levi and Mr Price are among the top brands.The emergence of online shopping has been a new trend especially for the young and melenials.Online shopping is a new way of obtaining best prices and offers.…online…kenya/index.html.The competion brought in by online shops is really big and now customers are getting better offers and best prices.As online shopping is growing in number many marketplaces and websites are competing against each other and in this competition they offer you the best deals with sale offers, easy returns, free gifts and more.If you are in love with online shopping if you are addicted to it I have compiled a list of the best clothing websites around Kenya and globally. › Places › Nairobi lI keep buying stuff from because it saves my time and sometimes, a little money too!It is a premium online shopping site, which aims to fulfill all your shopping needs. They feature more than 200 brands with over 2000 products including makeup, bath and body care products, beauty accessories and luxury products for men and women. Their products are genuine and 100% authentic.At you will find a wide range of accessories ranging from makeup, skin care products, nail care, fragrances to beauty tools like hair straighteners, hair and makeup brushes, curlers, face sponges and bath accessories. has many premium brands in store like Maybelline, Lo’real, Lakme, Neutrogena, Vichy, Calvin Klein, Davidoff, Braun and lots more. It is a premium online shopping site, which aims to fulfill all your shopping needs. ›

It was recently launched in Kenya.Aims to provide a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country with the widest range of brands and products on its portal. The brand is making a conscious effort to bring the power of fashion to shoppers with an array of the latest and trendiest products available in the country. As an online classifieds platform we offer buyers and sellers a unique opportunity to effectively reach their target audience.Pigiame doesn’t sale fashion only but also sales other products like property mobile phone and many other products.Sellers list their products for buyers to order pnline.It is not really safe if you compare with the rest of the shopping sites.

 Binti is an online revolutionary.Over 10000 units were sold in 2018 alone.It offers a wide variety of fashion product.It features some of the best brands are David Nucci,NV edition.Today, they offer services and products across various categories including lengries,Jackets,high heels,bags,hair and weaves.A lot of kids wears brands are alos being sold at only things is that Binti only focus on Women and kids.

Explore Binti Online Wholesale Shop and discover the best deals when it comes to fashion in Kenya. You will get the best prices online in Kenya for trendy and unique products. We have partnered with top brands and fashion designers in Kenya and from across the world. To ensure that we our customers keep slaying, our website features fashion blog that provides the best fashion tips for our online community. Get the best information on how to apply makeup, how to dress for different occasions, info about the latest fashion trends, tips and advice from the best Kenya fashion designers. With this invaluable information on fashion, you will get the best results from fashion and beauty products from our online shop. Get the best online shopping experience in Kenya, exclusively for women with Binti.

According to Google extract:Discover the latest casual, street wear and trends for men and women wear at keba clothing. Shop from your comfort place and we will deliver it to you.This is the motto of Keba clothing.It offers Keba brands of products.It has an good return policy.According to my research you can clothes online and you can reach it here

This is now the hotbed  of top most brands in the world.It features kid store.It sells socks,nappiers,sweaters,pullovers and the rest.It carries the most expensive brands for men.Shoes,belts,tops,caps.Men underwear’s are also in plenty. Though expensive you can find socks.It hosts the best fashion brands for women clothing. Check in for lingerie,high heels,pants and the rest of the women line.You  lots of things but costs lot of money.If want to buy click is this link

Order online get delivered.That is the motto of Tiquebouclothing.It is among the top class fashion website in Kenya.It is listed among the top clothing shops in Nairobi Kenya.

It offers the best luxury brands in the world.The likes of Davies Nucci,David Jones and many other luxury brands.

My conclusion in my research is that although there have been a number of many online shops in is the best of the all!

Sir Henry’s

Is a benchmark store that offers an exclusive collection of men’s clothes and accessories. Our extensive range consists of the latest styles ranging from ties to executive business suits. We provide our men with essential clothing needs from smart casual to classic suits and ties.

Mr. Price

Is a quality international brand for men, women and kids at covetable prices. Men’s smart casual wear, shoes & accessories at reasonable prices. Women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry, lingerie, pajamas and stylish footwear. Kids clothing at affordable prices,

Kiko Romeo

Looking for African-inspired fashion and accessories with a contemporary twist? Come down to the newly redesigned KikoRomeo store at Yaya Centre. With a great selection for both the edgy, younger generation as well as the more laidback, but still trendy, older generation, there is something for everyone.
Kiko Romeo is found on the first floor

Vivo ActiveWear

Kenyan Fashion Brand of the Year 2016. Find them at the Junction, Yaya, Galleria, The Hub – Karen, Garden City Mall, T-Mall- Langata Rd, City Mall – Nyali, Westside Mall – Nakuru or call us on 0703-420780 to order for delivery  you can also shop online at Vivo Activewear for the latest trends in women’s clothing and accessories made in Kenya with Free delivery and free returns. Beautiful casual Kenyan Women’s fashion with a twist, that not only looks and feels good but is high quality and affordable. Visit our stores at any major malls across the country.


If you love casual but stylish things, you’re sure to find some fabulous bargains at Woolworths. Here, you can spot the latest trends and international catwalk designs skilfully presented as practical everyday wear. From awesome dresses to warm pullovers, elegant suits to cool designed jeans, outfits that are definitely chic.

Mimi Online Store

Welcome to the MIMI collection of clothing where we seek and stock various styles and trends to suit different needs and preferences. From formal classics and sophisticated clothing, to youthful and trendy looks, MIMI offers great quality merchandise at excellent value.

Jade Collections

Best clothes shops in Kenya offers a wider range of designer brands both local and  Internationally hyped designer labes meet the latest denim and sportswear collections. if you are looking for family wear then the place to be is Jade Collection

Little Red

Shop near The Stanley, you can have a Brioni tailor flown in from Italy, take your measurements, fly out, and deliver your suit within weeks. Kenyan luxury fashion brand Little Red has clinched an exclusive deal to sell products by Giuseppe Zanotti, an Italian high-end footwear brand. Little Red will have rights to sell Giuseppe Zanotti products in East and Central Africa. The fashion house stocked up the first collection of the luxury shoe label

Lc Waikiki

Providing quality products which suit every style with reasonable prices, via the motto of “everybody deserves to dress well”, LC Waikiki responds to the needs of a whole family via its collections for adults, youths, children, nursery and infants.

the Turkish fashion brand LC Waikiki has open its second branch in Kenya in line with the group’s plan

City Walk

Specialise in providing you style, quality and comfort in footwear. Being the sole distributer of branded shoes from Sketchers to Caterpillar footwear, we allow you to accessorise your wardrobe with style that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Apart from shoes, we sell a variety of unique, elegant and stylish handbags, clutch bags, laptop bags, travelling bags and leather items.

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