Online clothing store in Nairobi Kenya

Online clothing store in Nairobi Kenya

Kenya’s international start up gig Alex Kibet has launched an online clothing store today. The online store is a robust website which will sell luxury women, men and kid outfits. The store will majorly sell its premier brand David Nucci.The Kenyan startup will have only one shop in the Rosslyn Riviera as most of its sales will be done online and shipped to customer’s allover East Africa. On its online shop the website will sell the merchandize below.

Clothing store for men is the number one website for men apparels. If you love cool and casual styles and trends then try you will get what Nairobian street wear heart desires.Start now and  look at our fashion products.For certain it is the best online clothing website in Kenya.

Clothing store for women apparels in Kenya. Are you looking women shoes? You are right at have the best shoes for women  We do not only have shoes we have denim jeans,winter jackets,long sleeves and caps. Our designs are mind blowing and very affordable. We have huge number of brands.

You can now shop cheap at Ndoleta with our low price guarantee.

We offer low price.If you find a favorite apparel in another store that is cheaper than ours, you can come to us and we can sell to you at that price.

Ndoleta  is meant to exist as an antipode to commercial fashion, showcasing garments which are to be treated and viewed as unique pieces, all with a story of its own to tell. There is always more then what meets the eye at first sight. Instead of viewing fashion as only products, we invite to look beyond and to engage in the journey and the expression of every designer to be able to understand and appreciate their aesthetic and craftsmanship.

By choosing to stock designers who deliberately stays away from commercial mainstream, Ndoleta functions as a playground for individuals to find and develop their personal taste and preferences.

We are always searching for labels that work with our philosophy, this is where we have our focus. Today, we are stocking several different designers, whereof many from Scandinavia where we have our roots. 

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