Photos:Meet the most Beautiful pastor in Kenya

Photos:Meet the most Beautiful pastor in Kenya


Few Kenyans knew about Reverend Lucy Natasha, a preacher many claim is too cute to be on the pulpit
Her beauty has attracted top celebrities and politicians who listen to her sermons.

is Nairobi Governor Mike sonko who has confessed that he does not miss any of her sermons.

Natasha who says she was ordained four-year ago, and has since visited more than 20 countries preaching the good word, Told The us  she owes everything To God.

She says that many men propose to her online but she has never accepted any of the proposals Since her only aim is to preach the word of God.

Reverend Natasha has no physical church but she organizes ministries across Africa where she preaches and streams her service live to thousands who watch her online.
She has said she hopes to open her own church soon.

Here are exclusive photos/courtesy Reverend Natasha Facebook page.