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Welcome to Nairobi Kenya.Kenya is a robust in commercial farming.Behold a new cash crop has been launched saffron.Grown in Baringo county saffron is available to call 0739148250 for your order.

Saffron has been nicknamed red gold and is available for sale.It used a spice in Europe and the Asia.Scientific name is crocus.
Crocus plants are relatively small, reaching just 3-6 inches in height (depending on the variety). The leaves are grass-like, generally with a light stripe running up.
Visit us to learn more about our Crocus sativus. Fall-blooming Crocus are similar to their spring cousins and flower when not much else is blooming.
the best saffron from Kenya, a spice so valued in almost all international cuisines – an indispensable ingredient! And as you order from us, just remember that ‘He who controls the spice, definitely controls the universe.’
 Kenya saffron is well known for its quality. There are subtle variances between spices, but an expert cannot miss to detect the color and flavor brilliance of saffron grown in Kenya. Additionally, Kenya saffron just like its Spanish and Indian counterparts is well known for its coloring, flavoring and medicinal properties. Treasured all over the world, particularly by medical and culinary experts, saffron has numerous functions.